Merrylee Plotholders Association is an allotment site in Merrylee, located by Quadrant Road and Ardle Road in Glasgow’s Southside.

Most Plotholders live close to the site and must live within the Glasgow boundary. Some Plotholders have been in the Association for a long time and others have been members for only a year or two. Our longest serving member joined the Association in the early 1970s and while a significant proportion of plotholders are older, our current plotholders range widely in age. In 1941 the plotholders list appears to be composed entirely of men but today there is a fairly even balance of women and men. There are a number of plotholders with young children and it is great to see these young gardeners making their first steps in vegetable or flower growing (sunflowers are a popular choice!)

At the moment we have a total of 97 members who work a mixture of 42 full sized plots (about 45ft by 40ft), 48 half plots and 8 raised beds which are smaller and easier to work.

We have a growing commitment to working in partnership with the community and currently two local primary schools, Merrylee Primary and Our Lady of the Annunciation Primary work smaller plots on the site.
If you want to get in touch please use the Contact Us form on the left-hand side of the page or email us at merryleeplots@yahoo.co.uk.