How to Register for a Plot

If you are interested in taking on a plot we would love to hear from you.

Below is the process for applying for a plot;

Make enquiry through Contact Us form or email
The plot secretary will contact you to find out more information about you and your interest in running a plot and ask you to complete an application form
You will be added to the waiting list for a plot
Depending on when plots become vacant you will be contacted again to come down to the plots and be shown the available plot(s)
If everyone is happy you will be given keys to the plots and your membership fees will be due
Taking on a plot is a big commitment, most plotholders will be down on average 4/5 hours a week. However if you are new to plotholding, don’t worry you will get support and guidance from the plot committee, and your fellow plot holders and especially your near neighbours will be able to give you tips about what grows well and how to go about it.

However, we would encourage you to think carefully about taking on a plot before committing, if you would like to visit the plot or spend some time with plotholders to find out what it takes we would be happy to arrange this.